A Mom Explains Life With Her Kids in the Form of Cat Conversations!

Chesca Hause is a mom of two kids and loves drawing animal cartoons. She is the creator of Litter Box comics and has combined creating comic strips of her kids in the form of feline creatures.

When she was at home, cooped up during the pandemic, she increased the frequency of her creations and has been coming up with comic strips that portray her kids as baby cats and herself as the cat mama.

She feels that using humor as a coping mechanism has helped her and her kids get by easily during the lockdown. She calls her Litter Box comics, her ‘Litterverse,’ and they truly helped her escape from the monotony of the lockdown. It’s like a parallel universe for her where the pandemic does not exist.

She finds it to be a great refuge during this time, as her animal creatures are going on with their normal lives and it also gives her readers a break from all the reality that’s happening in the world out there.

You can follow her on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to see some of her creations and we’ve listed down some of the best ones that we could find in the post below. Scroll down to discover more of her creations and enjoy!