Brutally Honest Dictionary Posts!

The Dictionary can be defined as a source of English definitions, origins, synonyms, and etymologies. It lists words in specific languages and is often arranged alphabetically. You can find information on the usage and definitions of different words.

However, like everything else on the internet, people have found a way to come up with a different version of dictionary definitions for commonly used words in the English language with alternate meanings.

An Instagram account, HipDict, publishes crowdsourced photos from people with alternate views on different words. and even new words that are formed by them that have funny definitions. Some of them are so relatable that they leave you in splits.

This Instagram page initially was a part of the 8fact app and is currently diversified and has almost 2 million followers. We went through a huge range of words and definitions and came up with some of the best ones that we think you would enjoy and relate to.

So go through the words below and definitions and let us know your feedback about which ones you found amusing, and maybe even you will be able to coin up some new terms! Scroll down to discover fantastic terms that will make your day for sure!