A South African Artist Named Falko One, Matches the Environment by Constructing Non-Intrusive Graffiti (40 pics)

The dull surroundings of one South African community have become lively due to an artist named Falko One. He uses his creativity to construct wild-like creatures on the South African urban constructions using unconstructive graffiti. His paintings fit naturally with parts of the constructions such as walls and windows.

Due to his shining creativity, Falko One initiated a project named Once Upon A Town. With the project in place, the poor south African community became productive as it turned into a tourist attraction center.

His passion for graffiti art was a result of his love for hip hop at a younger age while he was living in cape town. Since then, artistry has become his permanent career line until today.


Initially, the artist drew chicken, which he later realized the neighborhood didn’t like. So, he drew an elephant, which he thought everyone would like. That’s how he became successful. Currently, he uses the natural environment in a way everyone would appreciate.

He not only designs his artworks attractively but also ensures the graffiti matches naturally with the environment and that the neighborhood likes it.

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