Being a Cat Owner is Not Easy. A Series of Relatable Posts!

Cats are known and considered to be low maintenance pets. They do not long for your attention all the time, are quite self-sufficient, and even tend to hunt for themselves from time to time. If you own a cat or if you’ve recently gotten one, chances are that you have been following them around, without receiving a lot of attention. And if you’ve been with one for some time now, you must have realized that they can get quite weird.

This is something that Cody Stone Stowe also realized when he got a cat a couple of years ago. Cody started making illustrations including his cat Coral, and they are hilarious, to say the least. He says that cats are unpredictable from time to time and when the first time he picked Coral out, she scratched him like crazy, and since then she has been the master of the house.

He explains further that cats have a very sarcastic personality and often they reflect human emotions in a lot of ways. Around the same time that he got Coral, Cody started making these illustrations.

Since then he has come a long way and has thousands of subscribers on his WeFlaps Page.

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