Details about Professor Severus Snape that you might have Missed Out in the Series!

Perhaps the most hated and loved characters in the Harry Potter series was one of my favorites, Professor Severus Snape. By the end of the movie installations, you could almost feel sorry for him andĀ also be awed by the magnificence of his character throughout the entire films.

He had one of the most complex roles that could have been played by an individual. Professor Snape served as the Potions teacher, the Defense Against Dark Arts teacher, and was also the Headmaster of Hogwarts.

The pragmatic shift in his character after the fourth book brought forth different aspects of his personality. He was one of the most important Death Eaters, and always a helping hand towards Hermione, Ron, and Harry, which is why we feel that he did not get a lot of the attention that he deserved.

Netizens have been showing their love towards Professor Snape lately and we’ve compiled a list of some of the most interesting poets out there who wrote about him and the person he depicted in the movies.

Scroll down and you’ll be surprised to find a lot of posts that will leave you shaking your head in solidarity and affection towards the character – Professor Severus Snape.