Residents Complain About Missing Sandals Only to Realize That a Fox is Stealing Them!

The residents from Zehlendorf in Berlin had been quite perplexed, to find their Crocs and sandals missing from time to time. Since a lot of them were complaining about missing footwear from their backyards, when they found out that it was no other than a fox who had been doing it, they were quite amused.

A lot of us have hobbies of collecting things from stamps to bottle caps to notes to books. Foxes like to collect shoes apparently! Christian Meyer captured a photo of a fox stealing a pair of flip flops, and he followed the fox to realize that he had stolen more than a hundred shoes over a period of time.

The residents were quite surprised to find out the collection belongs to a fox and a lot of them were able to find their missing shoes. However, the person who discovered the stash, unfortunately, did not find his shoe yet.

A lot of who owners have been posting pictures of the missing shoes, to locate their left foot sneakers and right foot sandals! Scroll down to discover the stash of shoes and also posters on lost shoes! You never know, you might find yours!

Image credits: FHackenbruch

Image credits: FHackenbruch

Image credits: Sachtleben1