A Corgi known as Baby is Instagram’s latest sensation!

Yeah, we are all aware that the Queen loves her Corgis, and why wouldn’t she? They are one of the most adorable species and extremely charming pets. When scrolling through some of their craziest pictures we came across Baby’s profile.

5-month-old Baby shares her Instagram account with her two-year-old brother Cooper. Even though Cooper’s not as photo crazy as Baby, both of them share an Instagram account. Of course, Baby features a whole lot more.

Their owner May Theint Nwe, got Baby after falling in love with her brother. Both of the doggies are Pembroke Welsh Corgis, although Baby has a furrier coat than her brother. Cooper is very kind to Baby and tolerates all of her tantrums and tricks. They truly are an adorable little bunch!

Even though sometimes he gets jealous of her if he does not get enough attention, he is quite forgiving and loves to be around Baby who is playful. He doesn’t like posing for photos a lot, that is why it is mostly Baby’s pictures that you get to see on the Instagram account that the two of them shared.

Scroll down to see some of the most charming and heartwarming pictures of Baby!