Humorous Satisfactory Results After Rating Dogs (30 Posts)

When it comes to the Best Dog, we often conclude that every single dog deserves the title. Or, the best price  for that matter. For this reason, Matt Nelson came up with the “WeRateDogs” Twitter page. Here, you find a unique way of rating dogs. It embodies both humor and a love for dogs.

WeRateDogs started as a way of getting extra income. It is now thriving as an all-things-doggo brand. It also has a WeRateDogs book, a clothing store online, and a game you can download on your phone.

These online facilities give the creator a low five figures per month. The page has been up since 2015. It has over 8.7 million followers. Upon speaking to Esquire, Matt Nelson said that the platform provides security and satisfaction.

Other parts of Twitter may be chaotic, but this page or account could be used as a way to escape from all that. He continues to tell the Esquire that he started the school out of boredom.

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