30 Examples of How Your Dog Can Turn into a Disney Character with the Snapchat Filter

Finally, the day is here when we can turn one of our favorite pets into a Disney character. We all agree that it’s long overdue. It has always been Disney princesses and then various other characters.

But we cannot forget the dogs they featured. Pluto represented the canines and so did those in the “the Lady and the Tramp” movie. Dug represented the dogs too, and a few others. But this is what has topped it all.

Disney has now presented you with a filter for your dog. If you have to see it to believe it, you can look through the 30 best examples put up for you. The application targets the eyes and makes them bigger, pronounced, and shapes the eyebrows. Everything else stays the same but more aesthetically enhanced.

The application detects the facial expressions as well. This enables it to capture the various expressions specific to the different breeds of dogs.
The post on the “Dogspotting Society Facebook” group got over 14,000 reactions, over 5,500 comments, 3,000 shares, and thousands of views.

Those who viewed did their own experiments to discover that it works as promised. You will also discover that it was made for pets only. It is not suitable for human faces.