30 Knock-Out Designs Made Out of $1 Thrift Store Clothes

Nowadays, everything is becoming pricey. Getting an elegant outfit is almost impossible with the bad economic times upon us.

Jillian Owens, who is 38, started transforming thrift store clothes into modern trends. She has been going at it for the past 10 years. She wanted to be trendy without spending much.

She worked at a non-profit organization where she earned little. But creativity was her gift. So she used it. She is self-taught with assistance from books borrowed from the local library.

She started out with a small sawing machine she used to keep on top of the fridge in her small apartment. She now has a sewing room for her work. After a while, she started a blog called “Refashionista,” where she inspires others through her work.

She encourages people to be creative in solving their problems like she did.
She went on to explain that each piece requires its own design. Sometimes she has to redo everything. Other times, she does, minor adjustments.

According to her, creativity grows with practice and helps us to be problem solvers in the society. Owens says that Refashionista is all about dressing well without spending extravagantly. We also avoid supporting unethical practices that take place in the high fashion industry.