These 50 Ridiculously Outrageous Cats Could Win the Oscars

If you have felines that you keenly observe, you are sure to be a recipient of a lot of drama. I mean, cats can react most unexpectedly. They will do the most ridiculous things. They will even hide in the most ridiculous places you could ever expect.

Have you ever seen how they treat every new discovery suspiciously? They will be outraged when something does not go the way they expect. What’s normal for you and everyone else or even with other animals around you, could be a cause of alarm for the cat.

Check out the photo below that shows a cat in the most secure spot, yet looking so scared.

That look he’s giving as the snow falls is priceless. Then comes the yell, or is it screaming cat-style?

He is definitely jealous of the dog.

Cat and water don’t mix. They are arch enemies.

The cat that doesn’t want to be left alone.

The cat is scared to death.

How will you know he is angry with you if he doesn’t stare at you through frowned eye slits.

A cat never disappoints in getting terrified over a flower. This is ridiculous!

Why wasn’t I told about the baby?

I’ll just stay up here and look down on all you humans.