40 Unusual Meetups of Cats and Lizards Captured on Camera

Usually, cats and lizards are not the best of friends. Felines have an inborn enmity to reptiles, especially the particular species of lizards. On rare clicks, you will witness that lizards are not to be taken lightly. And, on even more unusual circumstances, you will see an alliance that has developed between these unlikely friends.

In times of bewilderment, we call the specialists. A certified specialist on cat behavior, and author of “Saving the World, One Cat at a Time: What I Know About Cats and Why You Should Know It, Too,” Rachel Geller, has a few things to say about lizards and cats.

Cats are hunters, and their hunting instincts can be triggered by anything that moves fast. Lizards have that trait, too. To cats, they present either as playthings or food. Either perspective is dangerous.

A lizard can get injured by the teeth or claws of a cat. If the cat manages to eat the lizard, he may be infected with salmonella. Rachel tells people who want to keep both pet cats and lizards to make sure they each have their separate places to live in, and that glass tanks are not ideal protectors. Cats’ hunting instincts drive them to figure out how to get in there.

The photos below show the pet cat and pet bearded dragon getting along just fine.