50 Cats that Could Win an Oscar for Being Overly Dramatic

If you have never seen an overdramatic cat, you have come to the right post. It has been said that all of DiCaprio’s Oscars were snatched by cats.

Rachel Geller is a certified specialist in cat behavior. Rachel pointed out that cats are prone to reacting under stress. Their bodies have mechanisms that help them express their emotions. They may puff up the tail when under threat or fear. They do that to appear bigger and intimidate the aggravator. They also use their expressive, big eyes.

People have a tendency to misunderstand cats because they do not understand their body language. When a cat rolls around, people may think she is throwing a tantrum, even though she is getting a good stretch.

Rachel emphasizes that we are the ones who should learn to understand what they mean by their different body languages. She divulges that cats do nothing to manipulate, to revenge, or in spite. Such negativity is from humans.

Their loud meows are similar to the cries of a baby. The photos below show their eyes growing big when they get startled. They yawn when they are bored, hungry or tired, and sleepy. When cats are busy clawing on hard surfaces, they are sharpening their claws for the hunt.