Touching Messages Written by a Mother to a Son on Pencils is Shared by a Teacher

No one in this world can say that they have never been discouraged. Therefore, we all need encouragement from time to time.

One mother decided to write encouraging words to her son’s pencils. During class, the teacher requested the students to share their pencils. One student was hesitant at first to share but decided to share anyway. What caught her eye were the red markings on the pencils.

On closer inspection, she saw that they were words of encouragement and affirmation. She decided to share them on social media. Her post received over 600k reactions.

Amanda Cox said that it was a genius way of enabling kids to have a winning attitude. Instilling in them values that will carry them through life.

Kids face many challenges in school with their peers and in the overall school environment. Parents need to cultivate a positive image for their children. This is the reason why she went into the teaching profession.

Some of these affirmations were:
“Follow your dreams.”
“You will change the world.”
“You are amazing.”
“You are the best.”
“You are intelligent.”
“Proud of you every day.”
“You are so talented.”
“I love you.”
“You are knowledgable.”
“You are a Math whiz.”
“You are a problem solver.”
“You are phenomenal.”

Image credits: Amanda Cox