Excruciating Experiences to Read from the Year 2020

It is no wonder that the world is in a state of devastation what with the pandemic and the Australian bush fire, police brutality death, and racial tensions. To make matters worse, the US president seems to be getting on the wrong side of the fight every time. He can’t seem to do one thing right.

Just before the pandemic hit, Asia and Africa were already dealing with swarms of locusts and other natural disasters. Government intelligence has been tested everywhere in the world. There’s no solution in sight, but we may as well laugh about it.

Imgur user skeeli614 is behind these memes carrying the sad humor. He shared the post to Imgur from Facebook, seeing as it makes so much sense. It has been upvoted 5,692 times on Imgur. However, the one who created it is unknown.

The meme was derived from “But I Got the Van” meme. This is a quote from Ant-Man, a Marvel superhero film done in 2015. Some think the meme embodied the original dialogue, four months ago but has since been modified.

It is an act of turning the awful things to something positive by creating humor. Ariane Sherine thinks that the year 2020 will linger in people’s memory for a while but will fade with time.