50 Heartwarming Posts of Cats

Over 6.5 billion cat photos are circulating on the web. That was the estimated number of cats in 2019 by CNN. Who doesn’t love cats? From the cuddles and purrs, there is no boundary to their cuteness.

The cute cat videos and pictures are always appreciated by all. It surpasses all boundaries placed by man. It doesn’t matter the age, culture, or social heritage.

Maria Bustillos writes that whenever their image is attached, the message will be easier, softer, and lighter. She continues to explain that when someone loves a cat, those same feelings are reciprocated by the cat. This is what is captured in the videos and pictures. This is where we see how relationships between people and animals work.

In the New York Times opinion piece, Abigail Tucker pointed out that so many photos and videos of cats that get to the media are about their nature. Cats are individualistic. They are hunters by nature. Therefore, they can make effortless moves in leaps and bounds without making a sound or being clumsy. That’s why they make great subjects for videos and pictures, as explained by Abigail.

Cats are not selective. They snuggle with fellow cats, their litter, humans, babies, puppies, dogs, and their toys. Anywhere they’ll get love, they will give love in return.