38 Most Hilarious Jokes From the “Outstanding Move” Compilation

Now, these jokes are a shadow of what the grandmasters Efim Bogoljubov and Ludwig Rellstab did in a chess match in 1940. They are a re-enactment of the part of the game where Garcia said, “maravillosa” or “outstanding” to a move done by Bogoljubov.

In that moment of the game, “The magical play of Bogoljubov,” was captured to create the meme. It appears as a caption. In it, a man points to a chessboard.

The move is usually executed to show that someone’s plan was well carried out or not done satisfactorily. The game was brought to the public through the ElPais.com in 2017.

In the original game, Bogoljubov scored 7 to 1. He had 6 draws. With his opponent Rellstab, they went head to head 14 times in classical chess.

Sam Copeland, (Director of Content), the National Master for Chess.com, liked the”outstanding move,” and everything about that game. White presents innovative ideas that bring the unforeseen wins.

The game is a native of Poland and was organized by the Nazis. Bogoljubov was a world championship challenger twice. Born in Kiev, he lived in Germany after his internment in WWI. He wasn’t allowed to leave Germany because he was the player of the Mannheim 1914 tournament. This was just before Germany and Russia went to war.