Check Out All That Hair in these 53 Guinea Pig Photos

Most ladies fancy well-kept hair, with the right volume, shine, and length. Rarely do all these qualities match up in equal measure. Well, of course, unless we are talking about Rapunzel. Or probably Ariana Grande.

And most definitely, we could as well be referring to guinea pigs. Their hair comes in many colors and is more often than not at floor length.

There are several species of guinea pigs. They appear in as many body colors. They include the Coronet, Peruvian, Abyssinian, and Silky species of guinea pigs present with the admirable long hair. The hair requires careful grooming.

Look them through and pick your favorites. It’s the long hair flowing down the back that makes for the stately look.

All that hair spread out to full length.



Talking about silky black hair. It is beautiful!


Wearing hair white and grey.

Wearing hair in as many colors as the genes would allow.

Talking about long and flowing, cascading hair.






I think about donating my hair to make wigs for the less endowed.








I badly need to trim my hair. Somebody bring me to the hair salon!

Can you spot me under my fuzzy hair?

Yeah! I rock my locks like that.