The Science of Common Sense!

How annoying is it, when you meet someone who pretends to know everything? The snobby know-it-all who in fact is not quite an enlightened soul. Someone who assumes that they know everything when in fact they don’t have the slightest idea of what’s going on.

They offer their opinion on everything from the economy, social issues & politics, even if nobody really asked about their opinion on it. They tend to overestimate their abilities & sometimes even challenge you for not agreeing with them.

It would be safe to say that all of us have across someone like this in our past & may actually be dealing with currently as well. To better explain this idea, a writer from Bristol UK, made an example out of an inexperienced chess player who is playing against an expert chess player. Obviously the inexperienced player will lose. But the way in which he explains this is quite interesting & that’s’ why is making quite a few rounds on the internet.

Even though his posts went viral, not everyone was in agreement with his comparison. They compared his posts to the game of chess where the grandmaster himself doesn’t understand the equations in progress.

Scroll below to view Tom’s Facebook posts & decide for yourself if that‘s something that you can actually understand and makes sense to you 😉

Image credits: michael_swan

Image credits: ThomasTangoDeltaDenton

Most Facebook users loved the analogy

But people weren’t so agreeable on Imgur