Hilarious Results to the Literal Translation of Instructions

The most professional of us, fail to communicate efficiently with our colleagues from time to time. Sometimes it is so bad, that even our own family and friends find it difficult to understand us. What we call a communication gap sometimes, might be just a difference in understanding of values & cultures, sometimes just a lack in effort to explain the situation clearly.

Even though most of the time it is not intentional, sometimes our words might be misconstrued to express and understand and implement differently. Why most of the time it ends in happy or hilarious coincidences, sometimes the literal meanings might backfire too. Be careful what you wish for or should I say be careful what you speak about 😉

We’ve compiled a list of some of the weirdest but serious individuals, who took literal meaning to everything they were told. So next time you listen to someone’s instructions try understanding it from their perspective as well, so you know if you’re following the correct ones!

Some people are way better at communication than others which is why they are able to express themselves better. But what about us regular folks? Sometimes what we say is interpreted differently and lands us in a soup!