A one-meter long IKEA Teddy that should be on your shopping list right now!

A Djungelskog is one of the latest additions to Ikea’s plush toys collection. It is a giant teddy bear that is causing viral waves over the internet. Hundreds of people are loving this huge plump Brown teddy that is absolutely adorable. Because of its huge size, it seems as if you’re hugging a real person when you put it in your arms. Fan followers explain the hug as a feeling like no other and the teddy has a huge stomach where if you rest, you feel safe and really really soft. The product description of Djungelskog reads that this bear, like all plush toys, are really good for comforting, hugging, and listening and particularly to play and enjoy mischief.

The Djungelskog Is a 1-meter tall teddy bear and from the looks of it appears to be quite comfortable to sleep on. Although it is not available in the US, in the United Kingdom it is selling for around 25 pounds. Literally, the word Djungelskog translates to ‘jungle forest’.

It’s huge arms feel like hugging another person as described by one of its customers. So much so that people have started comparing the teddy with human partners saying that it would be better to have a Djungelskog instead of a man to comfort them XD

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