This adorable replica of Monica’s kitchen from the Friends sitcom!

A few years ago when I took part in an art show, I thought it would be an interesting challenge to recreate the iconic Friends set. The recognizable purple walls & the quintessential yellow frame on the door. So I created a not-very-much-to-scale version of the set from 100% recycled products of paper & painted it with acrylic colors.

All that can be seen below has been hand made, & hand-cut just by using a ruler & an 18mm box cutter. All the minuscule items have been built from scratch, even the fridge magnets!

Look out for some of the most popular items in Monica’s Kitchen in the pictures below:

The kitchen & dining area

The first step of laying the space out

The rough-ins that you can see for the cabinets

My favorite part! The fridge magnets!

The classic blue color came out well

Made the furniture by hand too

Just to give you an idea of the size with the help of a pencil stub

The custom curtains

The post & beam

The cupboards all set!

And of course, the hard to miss yellow frame!