Punny ceramic pot planters that are the perfect decor for your house this summer!

Ever since you’ve been cooped up inside your home during the COVID pandemic, have you bought plants for yourself? Even if you don’t have enough space inside your apartment, the tiny succulents that seem to make everything better & brighter. Since the pandemic, because we are spending so much time at home, we want to make our homes the better versions of themselves. Also, a bit of our connection with nature outside, the tiny bit of green inside the home helps you connect better with the outside world.

I am doing the same myself, & while looking for ceramic planters for my succulents, I came across this website that has the cutest & the most ‘pun’tastic tiny pots available. Ceramics by Hannah sells handmade ceramic planters with different puns as quotes engraved on them. She calls them her ‘pun pots’ that Hannah makes entirely by herself. She sells these pots on social media & holds the occasional giveaway as well. Look at the pictures below, and you’ll surely be wanting a couple of these planters for yourself. Although they’re currently out of stock, follow them on Instagram or Facebook to be updated about the restocking so that you can order some of them soon!