Keep these in mind the next time you’re traveling abroad!

Have you been scammed by locals on a trip abroad? The ones where they seem extremely helpful in the first couple of minutes, and you end up in a hotel that’s three times your budget? Or worse lose your baggage & passport on the first day itself?

Since tourists are not familiar with places that they are planning to visit, their people & local customs, at times they need help getting around. The locals are generally helpful, but also at times try to take advantage of tourists, by looting them. Most of them who cheat tourists are cunning. Familiar with their surroundings & local laws they’re able to con the gullible visitors & cheat them of their money. At times this really takes the fun out of the travel & exploration part, but hey, it is ultimately a part of the adventures that we so look forward to!

To avoid such scams a travel website named Just The Flight, came up with infographics to create awareness of some of the most popular scams & the locations where they are prevalent. Something to keep in mind, when you’re out again exploring the world post the pandemic. Scroll down to check them out & bookmark them so you can revisit them again as soon as you get to travel!

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