The Studio Ghibli producer who threatened Harvey Weinstein with a sword!

Did you know that Studio Ghibli which is known for their beautiful & magnanimous animated films are also a group of rebels!

During an interview with the director Hayao Miyazaki, he said the studio once used a samurai sword to threaten Harvey Weinstein. The same infamous Harvey Weinstein who was convicted of sexual harassment.

Image credits: KCET

Image credits: Studio Ghibli

This incident happened when Toshiro Suzuki, who is the co-founder & producer of Studio Ghibli, Tried to convince Harvey to not cut the film, Princess Mononoke. In 1996, Disney had made a deal with Studio Ghibli so then they could release English dubs of their films in the United States. It was at that time that executive Harvey Weinstein was given the task of the release of Princess Mononoke. He tried to cut down the run time from 135 to 90 minutes. That is when Toshiro Suzuki took out the katana to threaten him from doing so.

It was in the days when you could still carry a samurai sword with you, in the carry-on luggage, on a flight from Tokyo to New York. When Toshiko presented the sword to Weinstein the entire conference room was shocked beyond belief. People later came up to him and asked him in disbelief is that’s what he actually did. Now that’s one way to make a statement, isn’t it? 😉