Anonymous confessions by strangers online, that they couldn’t dare to say in front of other people.

Anonymity on the internet is one of the biggest reasons we are able to convey sometimes the deepest feelings of our hearts online, which we can never be able to share in person, with even the closest of our friends or family. No matter how clear we think our conscience, is all of us have our dirty little secrets. Secrets that we wouldn’t dare to talk about, in front of people. Times when we’ve wronged people, times when other people have wronged us, all from the tiniest of things to the biggest of dilemmas.

It is true and it’s confirmed by Scientific American, that whenever you make open disclosure, it helps to reduce stress & to come to terms with individual behavior. No wonder therapy comes to our rescue when we’ve given up most of our hope on medicine.

We’ve combined here posts from 30 people who opened their hearts on the internet, made confessions that they wouldn’t have been able to offline. Scroll down to find some of the most relatable things ever written. Maybe you’ve come across something similar in your life and maybe this will make you share yours too, get things off your chest for a while.