Fans of Britney Spears Want Freedom For Her

2008 was a controversial year for Britney Spears. She was all over the news due to her mental breakdowns in public. These events made her father take control of her assets, with the help of the court. Her father is the guardian of her assets, this guardianship is known as conservatorship.

Since the start of the conservatorship, fans of Britney are worried about her. They believe that Britney Spears is being manipulated. Now, this is why #FreeBritney spread like wildfire online. Many people talk about Britney Spears and well-being.

People have been bothered by the recent posts of Britney Spears on her Instagram account. Her poses are similar to this one.

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Britney posts a photo with the same pose and same dress as the first one. People online air out their concerns through the comments section of Britney Spear’s Instagram account.

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A fan asks Britney directly if she is okay.

A fan was so sure that Britney is not the one behind her photos.

A fan speculates on how Britney Spears posts her photos.

A fan gets weirded out with the posts of Britney.

A fan finds the situation troublesome.

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The late 2000s were a difficult time for Britney. She was spotted driving her SUV with her son Sean on her lap and not strapped in a car seat. She shaved her head and was seen hitting a photographer’s car with an umbrella. She also went through a divorce and, after refusing to relinquish custody of her children, locked herself in a room with her child only to be taken out on a stretcher and hospitalized for appearing to be under the influence of an unknown substance. In 2008, Britney made several trips to rehab and was committed to a psychiatric hospital at least two times.

Eventually, her father, Jamie Spears was granted oversight of her estate and health, which includes everything from negotiating business opportunities to restricting visitors, while attorney Andrew Wallet was assigned to help manage the singer’s assets.

Britney Spears’ financial documents revealed that as of 2018, she had a net worth of $59 million. That year, she spent $400,000 on living expenses and $66,000 on household supplies. She also spent $1.1 million on her legal and conservator fees that year, and her father reportedly took $128,000 of that.

Britney’s fans thought a sign that not everything was going well was when attorney Andrew Wallet stepped down as the co-conservator. “Conservatorship is engaged in numerous ongoing business activities requiring immediate attention,” he wrote in court filings, adding that it would be in Britney’s best interest if his resignation were accepted swiftly. He didn’t provide a specific reason for his resignation.

According to Wallet, the singer would have suffered “substantial detriment, irreparable harm, and immediate danger” if he didn’t step down.

Law experts, however, point out that while conservatorships can be corrupted, there is probably good reason it still stands. “The fact that she’s been under conservatorship for a dozen years should tell you something about the state of her mental impairment and her vulnerability,” lawyer Adam Streisand, who specializes in high-profile wealth disputes told Los Angeles Times. “The courts will do everything they can to ensure that a person is not conserved unless they really, really need to be.”

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