Men Posing with their Cats are Less Dateable

As technology advances, so do the studies in social sciences. Online dating is getting more rampant and more serious than ever. Studies look into the intricacies of online dating.

Most of the time, a person decides who to date by checking out profile photos of a prospect mate on the dating sites. Two scientists, Lori Kogan and Shelly Volsche took an interest in finding out whether a man with a cat on his photo does anything on the woman’s perception about him.

A solo shot of a man is placed beside his photo with a cat on his lap.

Pet-owners are an attractive trait for women, according to studies. Hence, Kogan and Volsche tested the attractiveness of men with cats on their photos.

Image credits: Lori Kogan and Shelly Volsch

Other side-by-side photos of the same man are part of the study.

Interesting results yield from the study of Kogan and Volsche. Side-by-side photos of the same man, with one of them with a cat, has a 5% difference! Women said that they would prefer dating the guy when the photo showed was his solo shot, and not the one posing with a cat. They see the men whose photos are with cats less dateable, either in a short shot or in the long term.

Image credits: Lori Kogan and Shelly Volsch

Image credits: Pixabay

Image credits: Pikrepo

Image credits: Flickr

Image credits: Flickr

And some thought that the photos used in the study were a bit off