Recreated Vintage Halloween Photographs

Who does not love vintage stuff? Probably no one. Vintage Halloween is a different matter, though. Their Halloween masks are terrifying! These masks are handmade with papier-mache by the people before. Vintage Masks are even scarier than the top horror films on Netflix.

We feature photos that recreate the vintage Halloween vibe. Materials used are store-bought masks and handmade masks as well.

Who will not get scared with eyes popping like that?

Wide-grinned masks with long hair never fail to give goosebumps.

Why not add some grave digging pose?

Now this man behind the mask pulls the body that he will put in the grave.

The mask resembles a headgear used during the plague.

The mask suits this slim woman. She looks like she is ready to feast on her prey.

What is creepier than a mother whose head is a smiling pig?

She breaks bones.

She stares down as if she is bound to end you.

A woman smoking with a bunny face is fancy and creepy at the same time.

She is ready to slice anyone