Scaf Shares His Grafitti in the Midst of a Pandemic

Lockdowns are slowly lifted little by little. People are now starting to go out of their houses. Kids can play outside. Most of us can finally see the outside world once again.

Several skills are improved over lockdown. An artist named Scaf takes his skills in doing graffitis open for public viewing. He is a French artist best known for his realistic styles. Scaf shared his works on his Instagram, @scaf_oner.

Scaf honed his graffiti skills on the streets. He had no formal learning for it.

Abandoned spaced turned Jurassic.

Darkness follows the artist.

Snakes and Ladders look welcoming.

A tiger scares you in every direction.

Scaf tries to tame a wild reptile.

Befriending a gentle giant is no joke.

Scaf made it look like a theme park signage!

Bullets fly through the wall.

The crown belongs to no one but the snake.

No precious thing should disturb the sleep.

Scaf turned a childhood dream into reality.

The extinct belongs to the hall of fame.