FaceApp does Good on Celebrity Photos

As technology advances, photo editing applications also do. Even before apps like Instagram emerged, people are fond of editing photos. They either add filters and effects to improve them.

Facepp is another application that got on-trend for showing its users how they look like if they were their opposite gender. We gathered FaceApp photos of celebrities to check them out as a woman or a man!

Johnny Depp resembles his daughter.

Keanu looks like a cosmetics model.

Pink as a bad boy is hot.

Eminem rocks the resting bitch face.

Gerard Way is a pretty high school girl.

Celine Dion has a classic Hollywood vibe as a man.

RDJ must be sophisticated if he were a woman.

Dwayne Johnson looks weirdly good with long hair.

Billie Joe Armstong is stunning with eyes and hair locks like that.

Is that William Smith?

Female Gordon looks scarier in the kitchen than male Gordon.

Katy belongs to a 90s boyband.

Gwyneth would be a top seller of his biographies.

Tom resembles an Olsen sister.

The former president looks as powerful as a woman.