Mom bakes a rainbow-colored bread to celebrate pride month!

Making challah has been a usual task for Allie Mendelson for the past 15 years. A Recipe that was taken from a cookbook has been perfected over the years. A challah is a sweet bread usually eaten in Jewish households. Along with the unique braiding pattern, it is often garnished with sesame & poppy seeds and eaten with salt.

But this time she decided to make it special for her daughter in lieu of pride month. Ali used to make soaps which inspired this colorful version of the challah. She made it in colors of the rainbow to highlight the theme of pride month. And she got your raving reviews about its looks from netizens and for its flavor from her family.

Her daughter who goes by the Tumblr username mystic-chord, posted pictures online & it immediately became viral. The bread has beautiful layers of colors, a shiny crust outside & a soft interior. Mystic-chord’s fan following increased with this post from 12 to 100 followers. And people she posted it on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as well.

She got so many requests for the recipe that Ali finally had to publish it online. Scroll down to see the gorgeous rainbow colored challahs, that will leave you drooling!