The world through a toddler’s lens. A compilation of my son’s photoshoots

My 19th-month-old son, Stan has recently picked up a new skill. She’s into photography and has learned how to use a camera. I used to give him my old cameras that didn’t work very well but recently I gave him my Canon G12. Although it’s not a new one it’s probably nicer than what is available in the market currently. I don’t use it very much and it’s mostly lying around in the house so I thought why not make use of it.

Stan likes to take pictures randomly. He loves to scream “cheese” and then click the button. And he does that quite often all around the house. He’s learned how to use the buttons and very recently discovered the Sepia option as well. I think he actually got bored with the same color pictures after all his clicks.

I recently took out the memory card and put it in my PC to have a look. Some of these clicks have actually come out very decently. Scroll down to check some of his captures & let me know if you think he’s good at it! I actually liked the Sepia version of my dog’s picture 😉