Free hugs for being gay! A church-going mom finds a nice way to help people

Sara Cunningham had a hard time coming to terms with reality. Her son had opened up to her about his sexuality and now it was up to her to choose between her faith and her child. What it took for her was a lot of time and a lot of discussions, joining some Facebook groups where she found support. Many other parents like her find it difficult to accept their children for who they are. Which is where the idea of free mom hugs came up. People were surprised to see a popular Christian author, Jen Hatmaker, Along with her church group, attend the Austin Pride week & offering hugs to the participants.

As the popularity for Pride events went up Sara noticed that there were a lot of kids who wanted their parents to understand about them without feeling ashamed. Some of them hadn’t spoken to their parents in years and just longed for a hug. She then created a Facebook group & listed, offering free hugs as a service for everyone who had been rejected by their parents for being gay. The post went viral and that’s how they came up with the official group called Free mom hugs. The site description says that they attend events, offering hugs and support to the LGBTQ+ group.

This post contains some of the most adorable pictures collected over time!