Sexist Advertisements Get a Modern Taste

A perfect woman does not equate to a servant. Eli Rezkallah works as a photographer and a video editor. She released her series titled, “In a parallel universe.” Here, she played around gender role stereotypes in sexist ads.

Rezkallah was motivated to do her series when he heard his uncles over a thanksgiving celebration. Some of them still believe women are better off doing tasks made for women. Hence, he reimagined vintage advertisements and inverted gender roles. What about men tasting their sexist potion this time around?

We feature 10 reimagined ads that will make you laugh!

A man also pops his foot when he feels good.

Does a man look better when he can do stuff?

What about showing men who run the world?

Leggs features men finally as a servant.

Women do not just offer you food and beer in their life.

Dominance does not always mean men.

Men also have to learn how to clean!

Men can also have feelings and display them publicly.

Quit the idea that women will always serve men.

Quit the idea that women will always serve men.