Discover 30 most breathtakingly beautiful birds here!

Ornithology, or the study of birds, is considered as a well researched field. Scientists have found out that there are almost 10,000 species of birds around the globe. With varying size, colors & plumage there’s so much to look for in this part of nature’s creation. Whichever country you visit, you’re likely to find a different species of birds. Bird watching is a popular hobby around the world. Native birds to the regions are quite popular with bird watchers. With amazing beaks, claws, feathers & colors, tints & textures, there’s so much to learn by watching these avians.

Birds come in all shapes & sizes. From the smallest bird in the world – the Bee hummingbird, that’s just 2 inches in size to the largest one – the Ostrich that is 6 feet tall! Although the most noticeable part about birds is their plumage. It’s also the easiest way to identify them. From sexual advances to camouflaging, the plumage serves different purposes. Birds generally shed their feathers once a season, or permanently when they get old.

Even if you’re not a bird enthusiast we think you’ll appreciate this. We’ve compiled a list of the prettiest ones that we could find. Scroll down to discover the most photogenic birds from across the globe!