Relationship advice by a balloon artist – A must-read!

Bored of seeing the same posts again & again on your Facebook feed? Time to follow a new account to brighten it up!
This balloon artist has all the right advice for you. From relationships to life, it seems he knows it all. Michael James Schneider is a retail manager, who lives in Portland, Oregon. Just like us, he was exasperated with all the unexciting & monotonous balloon posts on his feed. SO he decided to turn things around for himself.
He uses balloons to post meaningful messages & advice as they are a common commodity in parties, gender reveals, etc. Something regular but with quality advice. Sounds like a great plan!

Currently, on a break from his regular job, he is exploring his creative side. While riding his bike around the city, he makes a mental note when he crosses a brightly colored well-textured wall, to revisit it. The world is then marked with balloons in a contrasting color and Michael is usually part of the photograph. His friend and assistant Andrew Jankowski Then help him to click the picture.

Look at some of his creations below. As Michael advises if you share them make sure you attribute them to the person who had earlier said the advice.