Japanese Grooming Before and After Photos of Dogs

Japanese grooming cuts on dogs follow a non-conventional method. It emphasizes their cute appearance. Grace Chon exhibits dogs in this kind of grooming method, with a before and after photos, in her series named HAIRY.

What a dirty dog Biggie is!

That is a prim and proper dog.

Rocco, where are your eyes?

Look what we have here, a dog with eyes and a stylish hair.

This is called a fluff.

A fluff is cute and charming! Herman is his name!

Raider is a grumpy dog.

A grumpy dog is now a pity dog.

Lana just woke up.

She woke up real good this time.

Athena is a cloud with dirty snoot!

She transformed into a fashionable dog!

Teddy looks so messy!

Teddy is one stylish dog.

Yuki had her hair all over her face.

Yuki is a real sweetheart!