Honest but hilarious horoscope predictions that will leave you in splits!

If you believe in horoscopes & like to check yours from time to time, this one’s for you! Somebody found horoscope predictions from 40 years back. And boy they cut straight to the point. From finding out you’re an idiot to the point where a zodiac was declared a murderer, they have it all. For example it says that even though Leos are born leaders they are just bullies who are vain & arrogant. Ouch! That one really hurt!

A twitter user, @friends3000 came across these horoscope predictions written in 1979, which basically points out that all zodiacs are essentially a**holes in one way or another. Snarky little creeps, the people who’ve actually written this out! Though the date of your birth may not have any link with your personality or inherent characteristics, whenever something does not go our way, we tend to blame our horoscopes. Somewhere at the back of our minds the nagging idea that we cannot be blamed for our own doings, helps us to make up for our shortcomings.

Serious stuff aside, read on to check if you are a potential murderer by checking against your zodiac!

Image credits: friends3000

Image credits: friends3000

Time to watch your back with your scorpio friends!

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