Twitter Thread Reveals the Truth behind Billionaires

Aidan Smith made viral a thread on Twitter, showing how Jeff Bezos and other billionaires had some huge help in starting their businesses. A commonly overlooked detail is coming from a rich family.

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Jon Erlichman tweeted a photo showing a garage where Jeff Bezos also started Amazon.

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Aidan Smith revealed that the parents of Bezos helped him by investing 245 thousand dollars.

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Smith also told a story about another billionaire Bill Gates who reportedly also came from a wealthy family.

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He went on talking about the mother of Gates and how she walked Gates through success.

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Aidan Smith concluded his thread about Bill Gates. He said that Bill Gates would not be a billionaire, had he been born from a working-class family.

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He continued his thread by talking about Warren Buffet.

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He posted a photo of Buffet’s dad’s biography.

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Smith tweeted about Mark Zuckerberg’s huge tuition from his parents.

He continued talking about how Zuckerberg had a special privilege.

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He added how his parents’ employment of a tutor helped Zuckerberg.

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Smith aired out his sentiments of how these billionaires had a privileged background.

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He tweeted how Kylie Jenner is far from a self-made billionaire.

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Netizens shared their opinions of Smith’s thread.

He is firm that any business is business.

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Media is biased sometimes.

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It is not Bezos who is successful, but his stepfather.

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A revelation of the missing ingredient to success is made.

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He said the thread is plain petty.

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She said it is a loan.

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He posted a different perspective.

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He said it is a great decision.

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He posted about the story as propaganda.

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He said Bezos has money flowing all his life.

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A garage made it all happen.

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A garage occupies a larger space than most houses.

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