A beautiful Persian cat receives the life she deserves after being rescued!

Moet, a Persian cat went blind when her owner, an unlicensed breeder left her uncared for. Without proper food, water or bed, trapped inside a cage, Moet was lucky to have been found by people, who rescued her.

The vet had to remove her damaged eyes, to save her life. Emily, who met Moet 6 days after the surgery at an animal charity in Oman in 2014, describes her as an audacious & bold girl !



Moet is quite the attention seeker & squeaks instead of meowing for Emily’s attention. She is possessive about Emily, and doesn’t like it when Emily is talking on Zoom meetings, let alone on the phone. She doesn’t like it when Emily speaks to other people, so she tried to grab her attention by squeaking loudly & continuously. At times it gets difficult especially during zoom videos, when she has to frantically apologize to her co-workers for the incessant noise.



Maybe it’s because she’s blinds & gets bored easily, or from years of neglect that Moet craves attention. Her favorite treats are Thrive freeze-dried treats and Nutripockets. Emily has been posting Moet’s pictures online & has gotten a lot of interest from netizens. Her antics have over 52k fans on Instagram!