50 best cat posts to look out for!

Guess what! Cat videos were the most popular & searched on topic on Youtube in 2019, garnering almost 28 billion views. It is associated with happiness no matter how simple the video or photo is. Jessica Gall Myrick, an assistant professor of journalism had almost 7000 people fill her survey to understand why people liked cat posts so much. She says that even if people are watching videos of cats to just pass the time, while they should actually be working, it results in having more stability to manage difficult tasks at a later time.
36 percent of the participants called them cat lovers while 60 percent of them said that they liked cats & dogs both. No matter what they do, a cat picture almost always ends us in a comical way. Which is why it’s hard to get from going viral every time!

I can be a squishy toy too!


Can you find me?

So is it like therapy, watching cat videos, you’d ask? It’s hard to determine that although they do act as a kind of stress buster. The most popular sites for viewing cat videos are Facebook, Youtube & Buzzfeed.

Lemme show you some MAGIC!

Uh oh, I’m trapped. Please send some help!








Twins you say!

That Spidey got me alright!



Oh you beauty!

High on watermelon!



Sly thief face!






Oh oh oh oh… Staying alive, staying alive…

I am the king of the cats


How can I refuse anything to that face!