Predator Bird Terrifies Family Cat

When we think of owls, we think of them as cute and fluffy and everything nice.
This is far from the truth. We forget that they are birds of prey. Their diet comprises small
land animals, insects and some fish.
When an owl’s eyes are on an animal, they will barely escape. They have excellent night
Occasionally, they attack humans.
One such incident happened in 2015 when a jogger was repeatedly jabbed at on the scalp by
a great horned owl.・They have a grabbing force of 500 psi, that can be compared to a big
guard dog’s bite.
Recently, an owl tried to terrify a cat to flight, and the scene was captured in a video. Here
you will observe the owl spreading its wings as if threatening to attack. It looks huge and
angry. The cat that looks shaken does not make a move.
Owls can suddenly become terrifying when faced with a threat.
One comment read that owls eat cats from where he comes from. Another was of the
opposite view when he said that his cat had killed owls before.
Others hoped that the cat would be smart enough to retreat.
Most of them were shocked by the new side of the owl they were now aware of.

Image credits:Etienne

Image credits:julietvanree