What Happens When He Says, You Are Beautiful. And Takes A Picture

Mehmet Genc also known as Rotasiz Seyyah meaning nomad without a route・recently took
on a fascinating project.
It is called You Are So Beautiful.・
He tells his subjects they are beautiful and captures their reaction on film. The photos show
how thrilled they get.
His photos comprise women of all ages. One can see their beaming faces after his comment.
Their faces light up.
They get delighted and their demeanor changes.
Some of them cannot restrain a laugh.
Some look hostile when approached, but their mood improves after the 杜agic words・are
Most of the displays are old women or older women.
He first worked in IT in Istanbul for six years. He quit and pursued photography, because he
enjoyed it. He writes that it was fool’s courage・that helped him pursue his passion.
He takes beautiful photos.
He is originally from Samsun, Turkey. He’s Turkish. He is in Manaus, Brazil. He does not
have a permanent home. He moves around a lot, thus the second name that describes his
nomadic lifestyle.
He’s followed by over 91,000 on Instagram. You can also follow him on Facebook.
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