Professor cooks up a storm. Shares the look & taste of 4000-year-old recipes!

Achieving peace = Satisfaction
Achieving the best bake on your cake = Supreme bliss

The COVID-19 crisis has had people scavenging for recipes and ingredients. From the trendiest recipes to the fanciest bakes, people have unleashed their inner chefs. But no one can beat the professor who’s been trying out recipes belonging to 1750 BCE. Bill Sutherland who’s a professor of conservation biology at the University of Cambridge decided to embark on a culinary adventure, during this lockdown. These recipes from the Mesopotamian era, like lamb stew & elamite broth have been documented in a book called Ancient Mesopotamia Speaks. He borrowed the book from the Yale collection for this project, which had photos of the recipes carved on Mesopotamian tablets. Apparently these are the oldest recorded recipes in existence.
His thread went viral when people came across his posts that are 3770 year old recipe tryouts.

Regarding his experience, Bill says it’s the “best Mesopotamian meal I have eaten.”

The Mesopotamian tablet that the recipes were carved on

His tryouts have consisted of 4 elaborate dishes & some bread

The professor had heard about the recipes from Dr. Moudhy Al-Rashid, who’s an expert on Mesopotamian culture.”
When asked about his unique experience Bill said that he did not expect so many people interested in his posts. 3.7 million people have viewed this Twitter post. He just thought it would be a fun experience to attempt to cook them.

The crumbled barley cakes on top of the barley stew gave it a nice thickness. This one was the Professor’s favorite

With some of the recipes he had to make guesses because the instructions were quite difficult to interpret & understand. But the resulting dishes were packed with flavor! It took him sometime to plan the dishes & about 2 hours to cook through them. The dishes weren’t very difficult to cook though. They used regular ingredients like leeks, onions, garlic, coriander & meats which we tend to use quite often.

The Tuh’u had a nice color to it

The unwinding looked okay but apparently was a bit boring to cook

He had to make some modifications to the Elamite broth to suit his taste

The book of the Babylonian collection

And he received some nice feedback too 🙂