Going viral saves lives! How a dog hugging her friend right before they were about to be euthanized saved their lives.

Kala & Kiera – The 2 dogs seen in the post, scheduled to be euthanized, were saved in a matter of hours, when their photograph of hugging each other went viral over the internet. The photo of Kala, an 11-month old dog, and Keira, a 15-month old dog was published by Angels Among Us, a pet rescue in Georgia. The organization helps find foster homes for shelter dogs & cats & also saves them from high-kill shelters in and around the state. Their adorable photo mentioned that if no one rescued his friend, she would be taken away from him. It was published on Facebook as a last attempt to find a home for them. The image was shared thousands of times, went viral & had a powerful impact. In a matter of just 2 hours & 6 minutes, a foster home came ahead & rescued them from their deplorable fate.

The heartwarming hug that saved their lives.

They found their forever home. I think I’m in tears.

Cannot call this anything short of a miracle. Kudos to the power of social media!