Setting the bar way too high? Unrealistic job criteria that will tickle you to the core!

You think your boss expects too much of you at work? Think again! Have a look at these nonsensical job postings below, I’m sure you wouldn’t help but say, What in the world…!!

From requiring a PhD for an entry level job to looking for 6 years of experience for a product that’s been in the market for just 4, we have it all. In the grim post Covid market, a lot of us might have problems looking for the right jobs. But postings like these, leave us wondering if Covid’s actually our biggest problem. We’ve compiled a list of 28 funny but impractical job postings that will make you wonder, what were the recruiters high on??

Where do we stand in that case? Way below the bar I’d say!

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The one where Jen Revans didn’t “understand” the concepts he wrote himself

Talk about underwhelming compensation!

I think I’m just gonna skip to the next one

But seriously the question that arises here: Why are the job postings so ridiculous? These amusing but certainly irrational postings display that the war for skills & achievements has not only intensified over the past few years, but also isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. Mostly organizations struggling with their identity have a hard time finding the right candidates.

Impractical? maybe not!

yet again!

what about a day off for my surgery? No? I’ll just work from the operating table instead

Exceeding expectations? Just a tad maybe!

My PhD is gonna help make the perfect glaze

the one with the mile-long requirements

Add a unicorn to the list?


I’ll set up my lab with my non-existent paycheck

Oh the laughable list of demands here!

Makes me feel so entitled

talk about unrealistic workloads

How ironic is that

and that’s how we roll