The Dog Who Loves Her Toys And Won’t Be Anywhere Without One

Dogs like humans have unique personalities. They get to be their own unique selves. Poi (Poseidon) is a golden retriever. One of the unique things about her is her tendency to carry her toys around. When she gets tired, she sets them down and uses them as a pillow.
Her owner uploaded her photos on Imgur to show people what things she carries.
In hisCleverUsername, the owner wrote that she carries the toys for security. She used to carry things with her mouth from when she was a puppy. She also enjoys carrying things on her head.
The nine-year-old dog at one time showed Corgi, her sister, her collection, but was not generous enough to let her play with them. Whenever she is involved in anything exciting,
she carries one of her toys along. She fancies the laser pointer.
She enjoys pointing at things she wants with her nose.
Poseidon was named in honor of Jupiter, the owner’s childhood dog who was a Golden Retriever. His career as a vet was inspired by Jupiter, who was sickly. Poi is suffering from cancer. They help her live a full life. Her other parent is a therapist targeting dog cancer.
Her favorite toy is the Pokemon ball.