20 New Alligator Comics That Shows Shades Light On A Society Of Inclusivity

In difficult times, everything may seem bleak and hopeless. However, when we are caring and supportive of one another, we can overcome whatever obstacles.
釘uddy Gator・points you in the right direction.
The last post was well accepted. It encouraged the artist to add on to the series.
Buddy Gator is an alligator that seeks to create a wholesome society. The comic is updated on a weekly basis in the Instagram account.

There is always a way to include everyone, great and small.

There is no need to fear.

He never underplays what anyone is going through.

Something good can come out of dark days.

He will be there for you when least expected.

Acting out of anger will hurt you.

He will help you have fun.

He never has a problem with others having fun on his account.

He knows where to find what you need.

He knows how to nurture his friends at their level.

There is always time to give love.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

Never mind what others think of you.

He protects the vulnerable.