Designing a good logo is not a walk in the pack.

Mustafa Omerli has a Master’s of Design degree and fifteen years of refining the skill to show for it.
To put a shine on it, he creates typography logos from words used in our daily vocabulary. It will blow your mind how well he captures the essence of words.
In doing this, he is portraying good design. He puts together beautiful designs that show the functions of the word and his genius.
He projects a positive mind, negative space, in all his designs.
Another graphic designer, James George, who is also a web developer, said that negative spaces make the images easily interpreted by the human brain.
Negative space and interest capture the attention of the observer to linger and drink in the display of art. It also leaves an indelible mark in the brain, making it unforgettable.
The message communicated by the designer is likely to impact the recipient of the piece of art.
Mustafa says that creating his logos starts with the grasp of the meaning of the word. He then creates a logo that best describes the meaning at a glance.
On the logo HDDEN, the I is cleverly left out or hidden.
Mustafa痴 Creative Logos With Symbols Hidden In Plain Sight